Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tutorial: Artichoke Sconces Makeover

Recently we came across this set of artichoke sconces and we thought they could be transformed to look way better with our Amy Howard's Natural Legno Gesso and Toscana Powder Paint.

Here is how:
After a thorough cleaning with a degreaser, we prepared the Legno Gesso. 

Note: Amy Howard's  Legno Gesso is a 32oz can of powder that can be diluted with water. We calculate one part gesso to one part water and we dilute enough powder in a container for the project at hand. 

We applied one coat of Legno Gesso on the artichokes and left them to fully dry.

Once fully dried, the Legno Gesso adds a very interesting crackled and aged finish. 

As with the Legno Gesso, we prepared the Amy Howard's Toscana Powder paint. We chose the Cote D'Azure color for this project. We applied one coat of Toscana Powder paint and left to fully dry.

Note: Amy Howard's Toscana Powder paint is also a powder that dilutes in water, found in an 8oz clear container. Mixed by adding enough water to the Toscana Powder until there are no more lumps in the paint. 

After the coat of Toscana Powder paint was fully dried we applied clear wax to the artichokes as well as dark wax. Directions on how to apply wax finishes can be found on this post: Stool Makeover.

We also distressed the tips of the artichoke layers as well as some areas of the sconce base to add on aged appeal.

And here they are, all refinished and beautiful. 

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