Wednesday, May 28, 2014

“What Do You Do in Here?”

Often, someone will walk into our shop and look at us with a puzzled expression.
“What do you do in here?” they will ask. And we have a couple of minutes to catch
and keep their attention.

That's when we tell them about Amy Howard at Home One Step paint.
“We are the retailers for a new paint product that requires no sanding, stripping or
priming before use,” we say. Their eyes open wide. Then we tell them “the rest of
the story” - how this paint will transform their tired old furniture and cabinets. Not only
wood furniture but laminate, Formica, metal and plastic. Their eyes open wider. We continue.
That there is no need to seal after painting because the paint seals itself, we say. That usually the only prep work needed is a good cleaning with a degreaser. And there are many lovely

It is at this point that they seem to lose interest. Their eyes glaze over a little and they
stare off into space. But they aren't bored...they're thinking of which piece of their own
furniture they can paint!

We show them some of our “before and after” painted pieces. Ugly, dirty, brown,
glossy-painted “before's” standing next to their beautiful twins, transformed by the
One Step paint, often waxed with light wax for a soft sheen and highlighted with dark wax.
We step into our workspace and let them see pieces in progress. There is no odor, even
though paint cans are open. Brushes are washed out with water. The wet paint is drying
quickly. And creative juices are flowing.



“How do we get started?” is usually their next question.
“With our workshops or one-on-one with us. Or you can jump right in on your own,
with a quick demonstration by us and a set of our directions.”
It is fun to introduce someone to the One Step paint! This paint is not only remarkable
in its coverage but also in that it is so easy to use. Truly, anyone can achieve beautiful results.
And that is exciting, both for us and for the customer.

Next time, we'll talk about some of the other wonderful finishing products offered by Amy
Howard at Home.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Welcome to Market Street Artisans

Welcome to our blog. 

 We are a retailer featuring new and re-purposed home furnishing along with
 Amy Howard At Home products and DIY workshops teaching finishing techniques for furniture and accessories/design studio. Prior to finding Amy Howard At Home's product line, we worked with many other paint products.

We discovered Amy Howard At Home during the 2013 Home Furnishings Market in High Point, North Carolina. We were amazed at the depth of her product line and decided at that point to become an Amy Howard retailer. After attending the June 2013 Retailer's workshop with Amy, Gene and their staff, we became inspired to share our new-found skills with others.

When a newly renovated property listed on the historical registry became available in downtown Mount Airy, we realized we had found the ideal spot for our business. Our local clientele is growing as people discover the ease and beauty of using these products. In our new space, we have room for our offered workshops, including One-Step & Gilding, Cabinet door, Bring-your-own piece and Zinc Duo.


You can find us on Facebook as 

Visit us in our newly restored studio at
235 Market Street in historic downtown Mount Airy, NC

Phone: 336.648.8477