Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stool Makeover

We would like to share how easy it is to give any piece of furniture a makeover using Amy Howard's One Step paint. 

What we needed for this project:
Any color of  choice of Amy Howard's One Step paint
Amy Howard at Home, Dark Antique Wax
Antiquax, Original Wax Polish
Three brushes to use with each product

For this tutorial we used an unfinished stool. 

~  First step is to thoroughly clean the piece with an industrial degreaser . It helps to remove any grease, grime, oil or wax from the piece.

~  After making sure the furniture is dry after cleaning, we began to  paint the piece with Amy Howard's One Step paint. It may take one or two coats to paint. Our stool was a light color and only took one coat to cover with maybe a retouch here and there. 

Amy Howard's One Step usually takes about 15-20 minutes to completely dry.

~   Using a different brush now, we are waxing the entire piece using the Original Wax Polish. After dipping the brush into the container of wax, make sure to unload some of the wax on a piece of cardboard for better distribution of wax on the bristles. Use a polishing rag (any cloth that does not leave lint residue on the furniture surface) to buff the piece. Make sure to wipe off wax excess and smooth the surface by wiping in a circular motion.   

~  Changing the brush, we are applying the Dark Antique Wax to add visual interest to any detail in the woodwork. Same way we applied the wax polish, make sure to unload the brush on the cardboard. Brush the dark wax over the detail making sure it's entirely covered. Then buff with a lint-free cloth.

And here is the finished stool. Makeover took about 2 hours on this piece. Amy Howard's One Step paint can be applied on most any surfaces. No need to strip, sand or prime. 
Hence the name One Step.

All products are available at Market Street Artisans, including the stools which can be pre-ordered.

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