Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tutorial: Faux Mercury Glass Wine Bottle

In this really easy tutorial we are going to show you how you can turn an ordinary 
wine bottle into a faux mercury glass bottle that lights up with string lights.

You will need:
~A wine bottle that has been well cleaned and dried and labels removed.
~3/4 inch diamond bit and a drill
~Water spray bottle with water.
~Spray can of Krylon's Looking Glass
~Sponge brush

Using the diamond bit and the drill, drill out a hole towards the bottom of the bottle.

Holding the water bottle sprayer at about 3 feet away from wine bottle, spray lightly a few drops onto the wine bottle. Try not to spray on too much water that starts running down on the bottle. Keep a paper towel close to wipe off any running drops.

Next step is to start spraying the  wine bottle with Krylon's Looking Glass. While spraying, you will notice that the Looking Glass spray traps the water drops underneath. Make sure you have the desired covering for a mirror looking surface.

Let the Looking Glass coat dry for about 2-3 minutes. With a sponge or dry cloth, you can start wiping off the trapped water bubbles to remove some of the Looking Glass finish.

With a sponge you can scrub off more of the Looking Glass coating to give it a distressed look.

Feed the string of lights into the bottle through the drilled hole.

Here is another way we used our faux mercury wine bottles: 
by topping them with a wine bottle candelabra, available in our store at Market Street Artisans

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